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We review your monolithic legacy applications and infrastructure and either extend or replace them, or migrate them to the cloud.

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When Do You Need a Legacy System Upgrade?

  • On premise maintenance costs are high
  • Data silos are forming
  • Compliance and security issues
  • Integration problems
  • Lack of legacy knowledge/skills

What is a Legacy System Upgrade

  • Legacy is end of life software / hardware
  • Costly, slow and decreases output
  • Replacing the legacy system, or
  • Improve and extend the legacy system, or
  • Migrate the legacy system to the cloud

How We Upgrade Your Legacy System

  • Legacy system analysis
  • Data migration strategy
  • Agile development
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Build, test, deploy, deliver

Benefits of Legacy System Upgrade

  • Improve speed and efficiency
  • Shift security left
  • Better business continuity
  • Scale and innovate at speed
  • Reduce costs and increase ROI
Why are Successful Businesses Upgrading Their Legacy Systems?
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Why are Successful Businesses Upgrading Their Legacy Systems?

When you use outdated, end-of-life legacy software and hardware, you're exposing your business to perform security and compliance risks that could lead to unscheduled downtime, hacking, data loss and fines. In turn, these issues result in low quality products and services and a poor customer experience, which will negatively impact your growth and revenue.

New employees are likely to be trained on current systems with no legacy knowledge so, as people retire or move on, you could be short of legacy expertise. The best talent tends to follow the best technology and culture so, if you want to attract innovators who will help you meet your business goals, you need to modernise.

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Modern, responsive, agile businesses always have the competitive advantage. They can thrive in the constantly changing socio-economic and technological landscapes that drive customer needs and expectations.

When you partner with our expert software engineers they'll help you determine if your legacy systems need extending, replacing or migrating to the cloud. We will work alongside you to modernise your IT and enhance your digital transformation. So, it directly aligns with your business goals and meets the needs of both your internal users and your customers.

Our expert consultants and trainers will also upskill your teams, future proofing your people, processes and tools and helping you to shape your business to match your vision, mission, growth and revenue goals.

IT Modernisation

Diagram of the legacy system upgrade process.

Upgrade Your Legacy Systems with Catapult CX

We analyse your legacy systems, secure and protect the integrity of your data, modernise your IT, introduce SRE and observability to help you monitor and maintain the health of your new system and upskill your teams to enable speed, innovation, scalability and cost efficiency.

"Lift the lid" analysis of legacy systems
Identify dependency integrations
Identify current capabilities
Create a value prioritised backlog
Implement Agile development
Simplify the data model
Identify relevant data and create migration plan
DevOps Assessment Implement DevOps and DevSecOps
Configure Atlassian Tools for agility and DevOps
Design and create new, modern tech stack
Migrate to Cloud and Infrastructure as Code
Implement observability
Implement Site Reliability Engineering
Upskill teams on technology and ways of working
Build, test, deploy, deliver modern system

Benefits of Catapult's Legacy System Upgrade Approach

Faster and more efficient systems save time and costs
Improve business process continuity by resolving issues fast in the cloud
Easier, more cost effective maintenance
Mitigate regulatory compliance risks
Embed new capabilities and automation for faster deployment
Cloud is more secure than most on-premise systems
Sets the precedent for improving other systems
Increase mobility, WFH, hybrid working and collaboration
Limitless and more rapid scalability
Attract better talent and enable them to innovate at speed
Decrease Change Failure Rate
Increase Deployment Frequency
Reduce Lead Time for Changes
Decrease Mean Time to Restore Service (MTTR)
Be faster to market with better quality products to acquire and retain customers

Introducing DevOps practice plays a significant role in updating your legacy system.

If you would like to learn more about what DevOps is,

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Catapult CX offers services for not only the private but also the public sector. And you can check the services here.

We are a recognised and accredited Crown Commercial Supplier (CCS) providing digital services delivery for the public sector. We have satisfied several public sector clients, including Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), find out how, read the case study.

Need some help?

If you are using outdated software and hardware, your business will likely suffer from a number of risks.

And it will become harder to thrive in the constantly changing technological landscapes.

Most importantly, unmodernised IT will downgrade the quality of your products and services. But with Catapult CX, you don’t need to worry. We will help you safely and effectively upgrade your legacy systems and monitor the health of your new system. 

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