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We maximise your software and service delivery capabilities to delight your customers and grow your business. Then we share our knowledge to empower your people to do the same.

Project to product

Project to Product

Align your business and IT by moving from project management to product management

Digital service delivery

Digital Service Delivery

Enhance your customer experiences by switching to optimised digital technology

Legacy system upgrade

Legacy System Upgrade

Create agile teams and improve business outcomes by upgrading legacy software


Transition from project-focused working by creating multifunctional product-focused teams that put customer’s needs at the centre.

We have been helping our clients to set up a product-centric approach from scratch.

And we also upskill their teams by introducing Agile and DevOps ways of working. If you would like to learn and read more about Project to Product approach, click the learn more button below.

What are the benefits?

  • Happy, innovative product and DevOps teams
  • Enhance throughput
  • Spread risk over multiple iterations
  • Improve product quality
  • Optimise for business outcomes
  • Reduce customer churn

Embrace automation and the cloud by digitalising your services and improve customer experience.

We all need to rapidly adapt to constant changes in business environments, which sounds hard, but with digital service delivery, it becomes easier. And with Catapult CX, the chances of getting things right are even higher.

We help you digitalise your service delivery to achieve faster, more efficient deliveries and increase customer retention and acquisition.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce risk and cost to serve
  • Improve Customer Experience (CX)
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention
  • No major cultural transformation
  • Free up resources for mission critical work

IT is high maintenance and creates data silos, compliance and security issues and integration problems.

If you are using outdated software and hardware, it will become harder to thrive in the constantly changing technological landscapes.

Most importantly, unmodernised IT will downgrade the quality of your products and services. But with Catapult CX, you don’t need to worry.

We help you safely and effectively upgrade your legacy systems and monitor the health of your new system.

What are the benefits?

Improve speed and efficiency

Shift security left

Better business continuity

Scale and innovate at speed

Reduce costs and increase ROI

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We are a trusted Atlassian solution partner and expert in DevOps, Agile and ITSM

And in digital transformations, everything is down to configuring the right tools and solutions.

With Catapult's Atlassian support, you will get help setting up the right Atlassian tools and security for your software engineering to enable efficient processes. On top of that, we provide unlimited support for your agile and DevOps journey with Atlassian products, including coaching your teams to upskill and build self-service capabilities. From product customisation to proactive health checks, we help you consolidate and optimise the right tools for maximum value and performance.


We combine private and public sector experience to deliver innovative solutions

As a strategic partner, we combine private and public sector experience to deliver innovative solutions, enabling you to react fast to change and focus on delivering a positive user experience.

Our ways of working and best practice are closely aligned with the G-Cloud framework, which has allowed us to successfully support public sector organisations when passing Government Digital Service assessments.

A unique combination of cross-functional E-shaped engineers and transformation consultants

Our team brings a unique combination of cross-functional E-shaped engineers and transformation consultants, making us highly efficient with a proven track record of execution.

We offer comprehensive coaching support when moving to the cloud to upskill your people, while removing barriers to unleash the benefits of collaboration. We have expertise in agile software delivery and delivering against user requirements, meaning cost doesn’t spiral out of control.

Agile software delivery

We have expertise in agile software delivery and delivering against user requirements, meaning cost doesn’t spiral out of control.

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We define the problem by learning about your users, what constraints are hindering progress and the policy that needs changing, as well as identifying areas to improve.

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Identified areas for improvement are tested to uncover a new approach. The riskiest assumptions should be explored at this stage, with solving issues for the user being the goal.

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The best solution from ALPHA is built. The service is rolled out in private beta for testing. Once feedback is received and improvements made, the service moves to public BETA.

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Via an interactive approach, issues uncovered in BETA are rectified while other parts of the service are being continuously improved and setup to run sustainably during LIVE.

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Our G-Cloud services cover a range of solutions

If you want to benefit by moving to the cloud, increase motivation and productivity for your people, or require Drupal support and maintenance services come find us on the Crown Commercial Service's Digital Marketplace.


As a partner of the DevOps Institute, we deliver the SKILup DevOps capabilities assessment.

We measure your current DevOps state and accelerate your teams' continuous improvement during your DevOps journey.

Catapult CX is one of the only SKILup consulting partners based in the UK. In addition to all the tests run by the DevOps Institute, we have already tested SKILup both internally and with some of our clients, with great results.

Our experts are highly experienced in DevOpsassessments, coaching senior leaders, facilitating cultural change and a taking a hands-on approach to delivering full-scale DevOps Transformation programmes.

A hands-on approach to delivering full-scale DevOps Transformation programmes.

  • Crowdsourced from 40 DevOps thought leaders
  • Cost effective pay per use model
  • Vendor-agnostic
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Most organisations find it hard to organise teams around value streams. A DevOps assessment is a valuable DevOps tool at any stage of your DevOps journey. This comprehensive DevOps Assessment gives you all the data you need to gain total visibility into your current DevOps state.

We help you understand the DevOps metrics and analyse the data to create your DevOps Roadmap, build a DevOps model and continuously improve your DevOps performance. This ensures you're investing your budget, time and effort in the right way to hit your DevOps KPIs and targets.

The result? Happier, more productive DevOps teams, who deliver higher quality products to market, faster.

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