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Bringing Dev and Ops together for the first time

When FinTechs started bringing new products and services to market in record time, our client – one of the world’s largest banks – realised they needed to fast-track their DevOps implementation in order to compete at the highest level.

Find out how we helped transform the organisation and its approach to customer experience »


Implementing Agile on a massive scale

In the midst of a transformation from traditional telco to converged network provider, our client faced serious competition from the deregulation of the UK telecoms industry. To combat this, they set out to make themselves number one for customer service by shrinking cycle time and exceeding customer expectations.

Find out how we helped enable this organisation to move from Waterfall to Agile delivery »

Taking rapid action to resolve an implementation crisis

When one of the world’s leading mobile network providers consolidated billing, customer and network management into a single unified system, chaos ensued.

Find out how we resolved slow automation performance tests »

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