Make the most of your Atlassian Investment

By: Craig Cook
10th August 2022

Imagine you bought a coffee maker that does it all. This machine is like your own personal barista. It serves espressos, lattes, cappuccinos—you name it, this coffee maker can brew it. There’s only one problem. You don’t know how to make espressos, lattes, or cappuccinos. So until you learn how to use this remarkable machine, you won’t brew more than a plain cup of coffee. This same line of thinking applies to tech products. Thousands of teams invest in the Atlassian platform to improve software development collaboration. But without a consultancy, they may not know how to fully optimise these products. Here's how a Solution Partner can help make the most of your Atlassian investment.

Get Started With Atlassian

Your team will work faster and be more productive with the right Atlassian tools. If you’re new to the software, your consultancy can customise your package of products.

Atlassian’s Cloud products include Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, and Bitbucket. But they offer much more. Let’s review all the company’s tools.

Atlassian Products

Plan, Track, and Support

  • Jira Software: Plan, track, and release software with native Agile roadmaps
  • Jira Align: Connect technology and teams to align strategy and achieve enterprise-level outcomes
  • Jira Work Management: Collaborate among stakeholders and projects to break down silos
  • Jira Service Management: Respond to changes and speed up service experiences
  • Statuspage: Keep users informed during incidents and reduce support emails during downtime
  • Opsgenie: Alert the appropriate people when necessary with incident warnings and on-call schedules
  • Halp:  Capture, track, and report on requests with a help desk created for Microsoft Teams and Slack


  • Confluence: Organise teamwork, create documents, and discuss all in one place
  • Trello: Collaborate and organise projects in a visual way that’s fun and flexible

Code, Build, and Ship

  • Bitbucket: Collaborate on code plus manage/share Git repositories to build/ship software
  • Sourcetree: Use the full power of Mercurial and Git in a simple application
  • Bamboo: Manage continuous integration, deployment, and release
  • Fisheye: Search, watch, and track across Git, Perforce, and SVN repositories
  • Crucible: Upgrade code quality and find bugs through peer code review

Identity and Security

  • Atlassian Access: View, secure, and control your Atlassian cloud infrastructure
  • Crowd: Install a single sign-on (SSO) and identity management tool that’s easy to use

The Atlassian Marketplace also has vendor apps for Atlassian products. It’s part of the Atlassian Ecosystem, where you can buy add-ons and find Atlassian software Solution Partners.

Optimise Your Atlassian Products

If you're past onboarding with Atlassian, your teams may work on separate instances. This unnecessary overlap can make collaboration challenging.

Your consultancy merges all your licences under one agreement. With this move, your organisation:

  • Saves money
  • Aligns teams
  • Builds agile processes
  • Gets the best value

After reviewing your products, your Solution Partner builds migration scripts for your business. Then, practitioners test and tweak migration before rolling out changes to the organisation. 

Get Support for Atlassian Tools

Once your consultancy perfects your licenses, you learn how to use your Atlassian products. Your Solution Partner can act as a mentor for your organisation, optimising workstreams through over-the-phone advice and on-premise support

The consultancy team develops toolchains and guides you through configuration best practices. They take over admin responsibilities and make changes on your behalf whilst your internal resources get up to speed. Also, your Solution Partner offers health checks to ensure your tools run well. 

Enable New Ways of Working With Atlassian

Your consultancy helps improve productivity and generate growth by optimising your Atlassian tools. They may also be useful in enabling these new ways of working:

  • DevOps
  • Agile planning
  • Agile software engineering
  • ITSM (information technology service management)


DevOps promotes development/operations collaboration plus automation to build fast and secure software. This methodology helps your business react fast and increase speed to market. It also improves customer satisfaction. Atlassian’s DevOps products include Jira Software, Confluence, Bamboo, and Bitbucket.

Agile Planning

Agile planning is a style of project management with an incremental and iterative approach. You can build a Jira backlog for all teams, deliver in increments, and visualise process flow. Agile planning products like Atlassian’s Jira Software and Confluence help your business adapt to change.

Agile Software Engineering

Agile software engineering increases velocity, delivers more frequent releases, and improves software quality. Atlassian’s Agile software dev products include Jira, Confluence, and Bamboo. With your Solution Partner's support, these products empower the most efficient business processes.


ITSM streamlines work processes and improves workflow. This strategy reduces operational overhead costs and improves MTTR (mean time to recovery). Jira Service Desk, Statuspage, and Confluence are Atlassian’s ITSM products. These tools, plus Agile and Lean software development principles, enhance knowledge sharing.

Find an Atlassian Solution Partner

To get the best brews from your all-in-one coffee maker, read the instruction manual.

To make the most of your Atlassian investment, find a consultancy that gives you advice and support to optimise your tools.

As a Silver Solution Partner, Catapult CX offers an end-to-end solution to take the hassle out of managing your Atlassian stack. We support every step of your journey towards digital transformation.

Get in touch to find out how we can help maximize your products to work best for your organisation.