Agile Planning with Atlassian

Agile project management and planning for all your teams, not just IT

jira backlog

Build a Jira backlog for all teams


Deliver in increments

Deliver in increments


Visualise process flow

Visualise process flow

Flexible agile planning

Be agile, keep it simple and quickly adapt to constant change by utilising a powerful combination of Atlassian products, such as Jira Software, Jira Core and Confluence.

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    Jira Software

    Use Jira scrum boards to plan agile sprints

    Jira allows users to capture requirements as epics and stories and plan with sprints and releases. Use an estimation scheme for your teams and track velocity, while customising boards with columns and swimlanes to organise stories.

  2. 2

    Implement continuous flow using Kanban boards

    With complete visibility of all your team tasks, bottlenecks can be managed, work can prioritised dynamically with drag-and-drop functionality and epics, stories and tasks can be organised with customisable Kanban boards.

  3. 4

    Visualise realtime teamwork through project reports

    Jira Software has dozen of reports to help analyse and visualise real-time project data, while providing insights into agile metrics, issue statistics and forecasting. Using this information, agile teams are able to track velocity, cumulative flow, sprint burndown and more, enabling continuous improvement.

  4. 5

    Real-time reporting with Jira dashboards

    Never write a report again by building a Jira dashboard and utilise numerous gadgets available that provide a glance view of team and organisation activity. Jira dashboads also help identify team or people bottlenecks, track key milestones and see live release progress.

  5. 5

    Enable collaboration and shared learning through Confluence

    Say goodbye to emailing documents and share updates with team members, stakeholders and the organisation in one place. Create living documents to enable collaboration and use the many macros to display information in a user-friendly way. Confluence's fine-grained access controls combine openness with security, making it easy to collaborate on content in a secure and confidential way.


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