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Guidance on how Atlassian Data Centre safeguard your people and information

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The cost of losing identity or proprietary information due to a safety breach has implications beyond monetary loss. Ensure your cybersecurity and business agility with the help of a customisable and controllable data management system: Atlassian Data Centre.

Ensuring a secure environment is the top priority of any organisation. On average, there are 130 security breaches per organisation each year. IT organisations are under huge pressure to protect their corporate data and employees, especially when there is more change than ever in the modern workplace. The number of tools and complexity of the systems to support teams' collaboration. And the cost of not meeting security and compliance standards has never been higher.

Nearly 60% of executives rank cybersecurity as one of their organisation's top five risks. And Atlassian data centre allows you to improve the security of your IT environment and compliance capabilities and focuses on providing your organisation with protection, assurance, and predictability across the entire business.

Atlassian data centre can help you safeguard your people and information, meet or demonstrate compliance, and eliminate any potential friction through features that enable predictability. From user authentication and permissions to audit visibility and security event coverage, the data centre provides the capabilities to protect an organisation's people and data through improved security mechanisms.

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