Jira Service Desk for HR, Legal and Facilities Teams

By: Louise Cermak
13th November 2019

In only six years since its launch, Atlassian's Jira Service desk has become its fastest-growing product. Jira Service Desk was born due to too many outdated tools and processes for the DevOps and cloud age, and to offer a flexible and collaborative software to help provide better ITSM support.

But as time went on and with digital work rising, other teams, not just IT, encountered the same service management issues, such as delivering common services consistently, tracking increases in work volume and stakeholder transparency.

As enterprise service management (ESM) grows, Atlassian has introduced new templates and workflows in Jira Service Desk that specific for business teams in legal, facilities and HR. Legal teams now don't have to worry about manually finding signatures. Instead, they can work collaboratively with automated digital workflows. Facilities teams, as well as HR, can now manage employee onboarding and maintenance requests much easier.


The benefits don't stop there. Many customers say that the codeless setup, workflows, reporting and easy-configure forms made it straightforward for them to decide to adopt Jira Service Desk. And as DevOps grows and becomes more common, it is being connected with ESM. This is where Jira Service Desk shines as it combines seamlessly to support knowledge management (Confluence), product development (Jira Software), operations (Statuspage) and continuous delivery (Bitbucket).

Manage your own service desk

With the introduction of new business templates, Jira Service Desk makes it simple to get a service desk set up for your teams. HR onboarding templates and associated workflows can be created within minutes, helping to reduce the reliance on IT support through out-of-the-box capabilities, allowing teams as much autonomy as they want.

Working with their customers, Atlassian introduced HR, legal and facilities templates to help deal with specific tasks these departments deal with daily. Out-of-the-box functionality makes it easy to use and configuration is simple thanks to Jira Service Desk's flexibility. Service desk maintenance can also be carried out by managers without help from the IT department.

Traditional ways of working where pieces of paper are pushed between departments needing sign-off are a thing of the past when directing work via a service desk. Other services such as ordering equipment, onboarding and enrolling new staff, as well as accessing FAQs are available through a self-service portal.


The future of IT is ITSM

Atlassian continues to make investments in ESM and core ITSM processes, as well as introducing additional functionality to the new Jira Service desk experience, aka "next-gen", which has been created to make administration and service desk setup simple for all teams.

Recent changes have also improved the way managers approve requests by going mobile, allowing quick decisions to be made which has advanced change management requests and tasks. But it doesn't stop there, Atlassian vow to continue innovating Jira Service Desk as ESM continues to build upon ITSM foundations. 

If you are part of an HR, legal or facilities team or department and want to understand how Jira Service Desk can improve the way you work, please get in contact by clicking the button above, email us at info@catapult.cx or call 020 3457 1374.