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5 advantages of moving to the Cloud


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If you’re not in the cloud yet… it’s time

Have you wondered how exactly the cloud makes your business faster? How will it support your team's goals? This white paper will answer all your questions.

Using the cloud will likely enhance the team's performance around 24 times. Staying on-premise will hold you back for so many reasons.

The five main reasons people make a switch to the cloud because the cloud empowers businesses to:

  • Scale faster and more affordably
  • Increase profits and lower costs
  • Improve speed and performance
  • Increase team productivity
  • Future-proof against competitive forces

Cloud has other proven advantages: it provides better network performance, guarantees uptime, upgrade performance automatically, and accelerates product development and deployment with CI/CD practices.

As a result, your business can scale at lower costs, but you will generate a higher profit as you save more long-term. You will be given multiple scaling options other than auto-scaling based on your real-time need.

No matter your team size or growth phase, Atlassian has flexible plans and tools you need in the cloud to improve your IT service delivery speed.

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Better late than never. Read this whitepaper with compiled data and case studies collected by  Atlassian. Start making your case to move to the cloud. And if you need help, contact us, we're here to help.