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Our software engineers and consultants can help you deliver better customer experience by optimising your products and services with Agile software development.

We offer agile software engineering consulting to optimise your products and services.

If you want to uplift your legacy IT, transform from project to product, digitalise your services and upskill your teams, you’re in the right place.

Catapult’s software engineers offer security and simplicity
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Catapult’s software engineers offer security and simplicity

Our engineers aim to become an extension of your software development team, maximising your software and service delivery capabilities for better user experience. 

Using business process automation tools and Agile frameworks, we provide quality solutions that enables continuous delivery and potential for business growth.

Our Agile teams work closely with businesses to understand the pitfalls of current application services and infrastructure , as well as business goals. We then implement a range of services, Agile software development methodologies and tailored DevOps tools to meet these needs during the development process.

We partner with leading providers to supply emerging technologies in software development and provide a full service offering. As an Atlassian partner we can provide high quality tools alongside our software consultancy services. We’re also an approved Crown Commercial Supplier (CCS) — making us a trusted partner to Government and Public Sector businesses. 

Our services

Project to product

Project to Product

We can help businesses move from a project management to product management approach. Embracing this process helps meet user needs in real time and ensure continuous improvement.

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Digital Service Delivery

By ditching manual processes and automating services, businesses can operate more efficiently, reduce risk and costs, and better serve customers. 

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Legacy System Upgrade

Outdated infrastructure can expose a business to security and compliance risks. Catapult can help businesses modernise and protect their assets.

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DevOps Assessment

We’ll evaluate an organisation’s tools, processes and culture to find opportunities for improvement and consult with development and operations teams for efficient software delivery.

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We have real-world examples of how Catapult can help businesses overcome software challenges, streamline operations and achieve their business goals.

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Our approach
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Our approach

Catapult is not about introducing quick fixes or adding another system that further fragments business infrastructure and segregates teams. Successful software development is more than just writing code — it’s about continuously evolving to understand and fulfil the needs of end-users.

Our software engineers dedicate time and expertise to understanding the unique needs of each business. With this understanding, our team can implement products and processes to deliver working software that’s scalableenabling businesses to meet their unique goals.

Our software development teams, consisting of designers, engineers and development process experts. They apply Agile methodologies to each project, ensuring continuous delivery and maximum efficiency. 

We are there at every stage of the software development life cycle, providing support from inception to deployment. We provide strategic advice that helps businesses make more informed decisions. Once deployed, we offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure all software continues to perform and we empower teams with knowledge and training to foster continuous improvement.

By taking an Agile approach at every step, Catapult can optimise your business operations, resulting in:

  • Cross-functional teams — Our engineers can implement new processes that encourage collaboration between departments, resulting in better problem solving capabilities
  • Streamlined business processes — Increase productivity with automated technologies that enable continuous delivery
  • Superior user experience — Our engineers can help businesses prioritise customer needs, developing user-friendly and responsive software solutions
  • Improved flexibility — An Agile approach ensures that development teams can respond to changes quickly and deliver updates more frequently

Are you ready to modernise your operating systems, make informed decisions with expert advice, and create software that truly delivers? Catapult is not just a software consultancy, but a partner dedicated to your growth and success.

Our expertise

Staying informed on the latest methodologies and technologies for software design and development is key to optimising your infrastructure. 

Take a look our the latest articles and resources in our blog for advice on product development — as well as read about some of our software development gripes.

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Catapult can offer support at every stage of product development and deployment and tailor solutions to your business needs.

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