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Zero trust security in Atlassian Cloud, a fine-grained security control method to protect your IT environment.

The average enterprise company uses over 1900 different cloud services and the employee uses 36 different SAAS apps. How do they secure their IT environment? It’s simple, with zero trust security. And this is how you secure your Atlassian Cloud.

What is zero trust security?

The increasing relevance of external devices has expanded the necessary security perimeter outwards, making governance and perimeter security much more difficult. However, with Zero trust security, it is relatively easy. 

Zero trust is a framework in which an organisation forgoes one large perimeter in favour of protection at every endpoint and for every user within a company. It relies on strong identity and authentication measures, trusted devices and endpoints, and access controls to protect sensitive data and systems.

The primary principles of Zero Trust are:

  • Never trust; always verify. 
  • Grant access based solely on the identity and device of the user accessing the application.
  • Access controls are dynamic and must be continuously verified.

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As more people are working from home, there are more devices used to access more apps, and this trend can challenge your IT security. This whitepaper explains how you can secure your environment with zero trust security on Atlassian Cloud. 

Learn how Atlassian performs zero trust security on the cloud. And if you need Atlassian support, or are interested in moving to Atlassian Cloud, visit our Atlassian service page or contact us