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Whether you're in a software team or not, our free, two-hour online session will help you to:

  1. Prioritise any project around value.

  2. Boost collaboration and productivity

  3. Improve security for compliance

So if you need help optimising your current Atlassian tools, fill in the form, get your ToolBoost and help your teams.

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How does it work?

Step 1

One of our Atlassian experts will contact you to discuss your challenges and organise a time that suits you to begin the ToolBoost.

Step 2

One of Atlassian experts will interrogate your existing Atlassian tools and analyse usage to understand how you are using them.

Step 3

Once the analysis has taken place, we work with you to implement best practice, overcome your challenges and improve your workflow.

Meet Your Trainer
Louise has over 10 years experience in coaching teams and implementing best practice across all Atlassian tools.
Louise Cermak
Atlassian Expert