Make the Most of Your Atlassian Investment

10 Aug 2022 in

Imagine you bought a coffee maker that does it all. This machine is like your own personal barista. It serves espressos, lattes, cappuccinos—you name it, this coffee maker can brew it.

There’s only one problem. You don’t know how to make espressos, lattes, or cappuccinos. So until you learn how to use this remarkable machine, you won’t brew more than a plain cup of coffee. 


6 Atlassian Cloud Myths and Truths that Might Surprise You

20 Jan 2022 in

Why Move to Atlassian Cloud?

With limitless cloud data storage for your organization and the flexibility and scalability of cloud apps, there are significant benefits to cloud vs. a physical data center, if you choose the right cloud solution. These include strong built-in security (which might surprise some); enhanced user management and controls; simplified on-premises infrastructure and more seamless operations; the ability to scale at speed; improved performance; and a huge range of tools and apps.


3 Common Business Challenges that Atlassian Data Center Solves

19 Jan 2022 in

Enterprise businesses, SMBs and government agencies have long relied on Atlassian for its secure and compliant server product. Now, as the time approaches for the end of life of Atlassian Server products (support ends on 2nd February 2024) it's an excellent time for some Atlassian Server customers to consider migrating to Atlassian Data Center.  Of course a lot of Atlassian customers will be making the move to Atlassian Cloud, but for some Data Center is the better choice. Examples of when Atlassian Data Center might be preferable are: 


How Atlassian Cloud Meets Your Security Needs

19 Jan 2022 in

For enterprise decision makers, migrating to the cloud naturally raises a lot of questions around security. Read on to discover the top 10 cloud security concerns. Then get to grips with the best practises to eliminate risk and ensure optimal cloud security in your ecosystem. Finally find out how Atlassian Cloud addresses and overcomes key decision makers’ most common cloud security concerns.

Top 10 Cloud Security Challenges

When our clients are planning their cloud migration, the most common cloud security concerns we hear from them are:


Six Top Tips for a Smooth Jira Migration

02 Dec 2020 in

It’s becoming more and more common for companies to find themselves with multiple Jira instances (and other Atlassian tools too).  Jira is a very popular tool with teams and there is often a grass roots growth within organisations that means different teams have independently chosen Jira as their tool of choice.


Working From Home: How to Stay Productive

21 Apr 2020 in

We find ourselves in unchartered territory amid this temporary lockdown, with many of us working at home for the first time over the last few weeks.

Those of us who are seasoned remote workers may be more used to working from home than others but there will a few issues for those who aren't used to this way of working. With so many distractions, there's every opportunity for your attention to be diverted, negatively impacting on your productivity.


Are Multiple Tools Hindering Your Team's Collaboration?

23 Feb 2019 in

Organisations know the true value of collaboration, with many providing tools, process and culture to support this, which are typically supplied to business unit silos - the antithesis to collaboration. To complicate collaboration further, many organisations have numerous tools that do similar things with no common or single tool for everyone to use.


Using A Wiki To Manage Your Team Project

02 Feb 2019 in

However simple it may seem to achieve, many development teams or projects don't maintain a central place to store their information. Sometimes, driven by a project task, someone may quickly set up a team page on whatever system their company provides, change the status of their task to 'done' and leave it at that. It is soon abandoned, lonely and unloved.