Principles and challenges of Agile governance

30 Aug 2022 in

What is Agile governance?

Agile governance is a process that focuses on generating the most value by stressing what matters the most. It majorly defines how a company guides and monitors its agile projects. And delivery teams regularly strategise on how they can become more productive and adapt to enhance the quality of their work, based on fast feedback cycles with the customer and product owner. The agile project governance approach is notably different from traditional project governance.


Value Based Prioritisation - The Building Blocks of Any Agile Methodology

23 Jul 2019 in

Value based prioritisation should be at the centre of any organisation and form the building blocks of any agile methodology.

Companies that prioritise their strategy by value adapt quicker and work iteratively to continuously deliver a more valuable product to their customer, and at a much faster rate than their competitors. Working this way ensures that every team member is directing their energies for the same goal to unlock the full potential of the business.