Why are Successful Organisations Moving from Project to Product?

Do you treat IT as a separate, siloed department, give them a list of product requirements up front, and measure success by the product being delivered on time and within budget? If so, you're working in a traditional project-focused way.

This is a high risk approach in a rapidly changing market where customer expectations constantly move the goalposts.

Team members working on multiple projects at the same time are unable to take proper ownership and find it hard to innovate freely and focus on the value to the end user. Products take too long to get to market and costs can spiral out of control. The software quality is often lacking.

Meanwhile, your customers and prospects have already moved on to a high performance app, rapidly updated with new features, built by an agile start-up competitor.

If this sounds familiar, it's time to move from Project to Product.

When Do You Need Project to Product?

  • Create or improve a product
  • Understand customers' needs
  • Modernise Waterfall to Agile
  • Update old technology
  • Increase automation and velocity
  • Decrease product risk
  • Improve cost efficiencies

What is Project to Product?

  • Customer-centric product development
  • Value stream prioritisation
  • Align business and IT
  • Cross-functional agile teams
  • DevOps culture
  • Lean working to eliminate waste
  • Fast response to market demands

How to become Product Focused?

  • Team focus on one product
  • Roadmaps, hypothesis testing
  • Customer feedback loops
  • Base funding on results and revenue
  • Increase visibility and transparency
  • Pipelines, platforms, incremental delivery
  • Prioritise continuous improvement

Benefits of Project to Product

  • Happy, innovative product and DevOps teams
  • Enhance throughput
  • Spread risk over multiple iterations
  • Improve product quality
  • Optimise for business outcomes
  • Reduce customer churn





We have been helping our clients to set up a product-centric approach from scratch.

And we also upskill their teams by introducing Agile and DevOps ways of working. If you would like to learn and read more about Project to Product approach, click the learn more button below. 

Go from Project to Product with Catapult CX

We embed our experts in software engineering, Agile and DevOps into your business to work alongise your people so we can understand your goals and tailor these steps from Project to Product, to ensure your success.

Get top-down sponsorship and bottom up support
Define vision, strategy and success
Define what a product means
Identify value streams and create success metrics
Get buy-in from finance department
Identify and prioritise products with CD3
Introduce DevOps ways of working
Create a cross functional product team
Automate the Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC)
Create a Continuous Delivery pipeline (CICD)
Apply Agile practices for continuous flow of new features
Implement Agile methodologies and coaching
Accelerate Cloud adoption
Get exemplar "lighthouse team" proof of concept and scale up
Create Communities of Practice to knowledge-share and continuously improve

Benefits of Catapult's Project to Product Approach

Increased revenue through quality, speed and customer delight
Value stream prioritisaiton delivers value to the customer faster
Highly responsive to consumer and market trends
Customer feedback loops reduce churn
Quicker bug fixes increase quality and speed to market
Business and IT goals are fully aligned
Reliable, secure systems and processes
Reduce Lead Time to Change Change Failure Rate Mean Time to Restore Service
"Cookie cutter" this approach to other products and teams
Reduces cost of delay and enables Agile at scale
Lean, Agile working eliminates spend on valueless products
Enables effective budgeting based on delivery of incremental results
Lifetime product  ownership enables DevOps and continuous improvement
Upskills collaborative, cross-functional teams
Promotes experimentation and innovation in development environments 

Have you been working in a traditional-project-focused way?

Imagine your products take too long to get to market while your agile competitors rapidly update with new features. Yes, you will lose your customers and prospects. And Catapult CX is here to not let that happen.

If you would like to discuss or wish to proceed with building product-focused infrastructure, book a meeting with Louise Cermak, Principal Consultant

Project to Product combats the quality, speed and cost challenges of Project focused working.

The cross-functional DevOps teams include IT, and are collectively responsible for product performance, value delivery and customer satisfaction. They are empowered to execute the SDLC autonomously, making decisions based on customer data, without having to get upstream approval. There is total transparency and visibility over critical factors like code quality and change management, improving buy-in and driving high performance, innovation and continuous improvement.

With the customers' needs at the centre of an agile software development lifecycle, the definiton of done and success are based on customer outcomes and feedback. Your product remains relevant and competitive, driving customer acquisition and reducing churn.

A lean approach eliminates time and budget waste, enabling rapid innovation and development and a faster time to market.

A product mindset gives you a strong competitive advantage and, as you see success with one team, you can reiterate the approach at scale throughout the organisation.


Catapult CX offers services for not only the private but also the public sector. And you can check the services here.

We are a recognised and accredited Crown Commercial Supplier (CCS) providing digital services delivery for the public sector. We have satisfied several public sector clients, including Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), and you can check their testimonials here

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