Atlassian products have the power to improve your productivity – but only when they’re implemented in the right way. If you have different teams working on separate instances of Jira and Confluence, it can be extremely difficult for people to collaborate across your organisation.

As an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner, we can streamline your licences to save costs across your business. And by testing the migration in a safe environment, we make sure the whole process runs without a hitch.

How we do it

We kick off your Atlassian migration with a free consultation, reviewing the source and target set-up to understand the complexities involved in your case. Our Atlassian practitioners then build migration scripts that are completely tailored to the needs of your business.

Before running the migration, we perform a test in your dev environment to see if anything is missing. This allows us to identify any tweaks that need to be made before rolling out the real migration across your whole organisation.


The Catapult difference...

Our Atlassian practitioners have over a decade of experience carrying out Jira migrations, so we understand the complexities of bringing all that data together in one place. By carrying out a test before running the final migration, we ensure a smooth, stress-free process that works for you.


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