The Magic Triangle: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Microservices, Site Reliability Engineering and Observability.

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  1. Learn from companies like Netflix, Amazon and Facebook to create massively scalable and reliable services that support millions of users globally.
  2. Reduce the cost and time to market by combining cloud infrastructure with a microservices architecture and containerisation.
  3. Enable data driven decision-making using observability to prevent outages, improve service reliability, have a great CX and lower the cost per transaction.

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Why Do You Need a Microservices Enablement Platform (MEP)?

The Magic Triangle

You may already use microservices, but only when you add Site Reliability Engineering and observability into the equation can you create an anti-fragile platform with data transparency and deploy better features, more rapidly.

Monolithic Legacy Systems

Monolithic systems, inefficient process and technology developments make it hard to balance modernisation with running existing IT smoothly. The MEP provides a technology approach that overcomes these challenges.

Decrease Time To Value

Organisations often have the right technology but aren’t seeing the expected value from their investment. The MEP increases system reliability, improves security and reduces manual process, risk and costs, which decreases the time to value.


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Gaining A Competitive Advantage in the Current Socio-Economic Climate

Customers expect high quality digital services as standard and failure to provide an excellent online experience will result in them going to a competitor. IT is a complex mesh of code, people’s personalities and overlaying processes. To retain existing customers and attract new ones, organisations need to bring new features and updates to market faster; reduce the risk, complexity and cost of change and continuous improvement; and attract and retain the best talent. A cloud first, platform business model, created from the Magic Triangle of Microservices, Site Reliability Engineering and Observability is a great way to make these challenges smaller and more manageable and gain a competitive advantage.

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