Microservices Enablement Platform

Organisations that provide excellent, highly scalable digital services, mitigate the risk of outages and rapidly deploy features that delight their customers are always going to be market leaders and remain resilient in any socio-economic environment. The majority of highly successful organisations, which most businesses want to emulate, are using a cloud native microservices platform model combined with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and observability.

Microservices are an architectural pattern that enable organisations to deliver scalable, reliable and easier to maintain software, faster. They allow teams to develop, test and deploy small parts of a system independently without impacting the rest. Organisations know microservices are beneficial, but often don't know where to start or aren't seeing a good enough return on their investment. With the Microservices Enablement Platform, within a few days your developers can be building and deploying microservices onto the live platform.

How we do it

Our engineers work with you to tailor the Microservices Enablement Platform to suit your organisation's needs. Powered by terraform we use our existing infrastructure-as-code library to build your cloud infrastructure and can support technologies like AWS, Docker and Kubernetes. For maximum flexibility the MEP supports running both Containers and Functions as a Service (CaaS and FaaS) for a fully cloud native approach.

We also provide a "Microservices Handbook", tailored to your organisation, which provides a set of engineering standards and policies so that your engineers can have a common framework for building services on the platform.


The Catapult difference...

Our engineers have extensive experience in building microservices and cloud platforms and have done so for some of the largest companies in the world, as well as for public sector organisations. We've used our experience to develop a model that can be customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

To see how we used the Microservices Enablement Platform to help the Maritime Coastguard Agency digitise the UK Ship Register, read these two case studies


Adopting Agile to Digitalise the UK Ship Register

The MCA's goals were to digitalise and automate the UK Ship Register, enable fast customer acquisition and on-boarding and relieve the administrative burden on the Registrars.

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