Lighthouse Teams

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business of 100 or 100,000 – digital transformation is daunting. Leaders often struggle to commit because the new ways of working haven’t been tested in their organisation. But what if there was a way to prove its success?

Our lighthouse teams act as a proving ground for your digital transformation. By upskilling one team and establishing that the new methodologies add real value, we give you the confidence to roll this out across your entire organisation.

  • Upskill your teams=

    Upskill one team to prove the success of your new way of working

  • Remove blockers to implement new technologies

    Remove blockers so you can implement new tools and technologies

  • Train other teams across your organisation

    Use your lighthouse team to train other teams across your organisation

How we do it

Our practitioners select one team in your organisation and help them develop Agile processes that enable DevOps. We remove blockers and implement new tools and technologies to establish more efficient, productive and collaborative ways of working, then we collect data to prove their success.

From this point, the chosen team becomes your lighthouse team. They act as the blueprint, allowing you to gradually implement the same methodologies across every other team in your organisation. Not only does this help give you confidence in the new ways of working, it also means you can truly own your digital transformation.


The Catapult difference...

We don’t run your team as a project – we embed highly skilled and experienced software engineers to transfer the necessary knowledge on Agile and DevOps. This makes them a true lighthouse team with the capability to guide other teams through your digital transformation.


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