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  1. Improving collaboration with the right tools so your remote teams remain Agile when working from anywhere
  2. Delivering faster by enabling CI/CD to shorten mean time to resolution and speed up release cycles
  3. Embracing the Agile mindset to empower your people to innovate without fear of failure

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How Does it Work?

Review your capabilities

We analyse your Agile delivery capability by performing a gap analysis to understand current processes and where improvements can be made

Identify barriers to change

Your team metrics are reviewed to identify the barriers to change that are negatively impacting your teams' performance

Agile recommendations

Using the gap analysis, team metrics and existing challenges, we make recommendations to improve your agile mindset and delivery


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How is Agile a Competitive Differentiator in this Economy?

The current socio-economic crisis means business leaders need to make decisions and take actions fast to respond to changing business and customer needs. Those businesses that adapt, innovate and respond at speed will be the most successful during lockdown and beyond. With the right agile mindset, processes, organisation and tools, your teams will become more coordinated, flexible and customer centric, innovate faster and feel empowered to adopt what works and discard what doesn’t. Your free i2i Agile audit will set you on the right path to meeting employee needs, fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations and setting your business apart from the competition both during the pandemic and long-term.

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