DevOps Tools

The faster you get your products to market, the sooner you can realise their value. But bloated processes and unnecessary roadblocks can often stand in the way, slowing down progress for teams across your organisation.

We turn things around by enabling DevOps practices, automating the SDLC and improving productivity at every level. Not only does this enable faster software development, it also cuts down cycle time and boosts team morale.

  • Improve productivity with new tools

    Get new tools to improve productivity across your organisation

  • Upskill your staff

    We work with your engineers to build and deploy a leaner toolchain

  • Experienced IT practioners

    Learn to make continuous improvements every day

How we do it

Our expert DevOps engineers assess your development stack, tools and processes to highlight any areas for improvement. Then we work with your engineers to build, test and deploy a leaner toolchain that’s tailored to you, integrating security processes upfront to save time and cost down the line.

All of this is aligned and integrated into your SDLC process, enabling continuous integration and delivery so you can quickly deal with any problems that appear. And to maximise the impact of your new tools, our practitioners transfer knowledge to your teams so they can continue making improvements every day.


The Catapult difference...

We don’t just specialise in one area. We’re highly-experienced software engineers who have built and used toolchains, created custom scripts and automated processes across a wide range of products and technologies.


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