Community of Practice

The benefits of DevOps are endless, but organisations are often reluctant to split up their established silos. These close-knit teams are used to sharing knowledge and information organically – so when they suddenly find themselves in different parts of the business, you need to take action to help these relationships thrive.

A Community of Practice is designed to bring like-minded people together again. By setting up a regular forum that encourages knowledge sharing and skills growth, you can unlock the power of DevOps whilst empowering people to own their place in the business.

  • Inspire knowledge sharing

    Inspire knowledge sharing by bringing like-minded people together

  • Create powerful feedback loops

    Add value to your business by creating powerful feedback loops

  • Identify skills gaps

    Identify skills gaps so you can grow your team in the right areas

How we do it

Our team begin by determining any potential community within your organisation, and the value that can be added by creating a platform that brings them together. The community is then launched to deliver immediate value, encouraging people to develop the habit of consulting each other and asking for help.

Once the community is up and running, we help them mature and stay focused on their original goal of sharing knowledge and identifying skills gaps – this may lead to additional talent being brought into the community. We then establish stewardship so the community can support itself whilst sustaining momentum moving forward.


The Catapult difference...

We’ve created a Community of Practice for some of the world’s biggest companies – so we know their benefits better than anyone. From embedding new technologies to making hidden gems public, we establish a culture that inspires knowledge sharing right across your organisation.


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