You may have expected to arrive at Code Red's website but don't worry, your browser is working fine and you haven't typed in anything wrong - you're sort of already here, so don't click away.

Over the last few months, we have gone through a major rebrand and now have a new company name, logo and clearer service offerings. Fear not, although our brand identity has changed, our values haven't - we still pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service to our existing and future customers.

Back in 2004, we started out by helping our clients solve major IT incidents, which we called a code red - a name we would later take to cement our place as the go-to experts in an IT crisis.

As we helped these businesses, we soon realised that their problems were completely preventable - systems were too complex, engineering was inefficient and many operations were forgotten altogether. As a result, we felt it was a natural progression to get ahead of these issues by helping our clients develop their IT strategy, improve software engineering and offer IT operations consultancy.

After establishing a new business model, people weren't just coming to us in a crisis anymore. We were being relied upon for everything from technical expertise and engineering excellence to agile operating models and systems rationalisation. And now, as the services we offer have changed, we too are evolving. Across three key areas - Transform, Enable and Resolve, we create a collaborative culture that allow people, processes and technology to truly work together.

We're Catapult and we're here to give your IT some oomph.