Bringing Dev and Ops together for the first time

When FinTechs started bringing new products and services to market in record time, our client – one of the world’s largest banks – realised they needed to fast-track their DevOps implementation in order to compete at the highest level.

The situation

We quickly discovered that many employees felt DevOps was impossible. This was a belief we would have to change across the 45,000 IT staff in 71 locations worldwide, all whilst aligning them to the same objectives and solutions. We also found many unnecessary layers of bureaucracy that were slowing down the decision-making process.

The solution

The Catapult Transform team kicked things off with a DevOps bootcamp to change the philosophy of teams and individuals within the organisation. We then helped the client reorganise staff into more than 2,000 new DevOps teams of 10-15 people, each responsible for implementing, improving and supporting a single customer journey. This meant that employees were having less contact with colleagues that shared their skillset, so we built a new platform to encourage further collaboration and knowledge sharing. We also removed any bureaucratic processes that proved to be unnecessary and introduced a number of tools to optimise automation and everyday efficiency.

The results

With the creation of 2,000 new DevOps teams, our work completely transformed the organisation and its approach to the customer experience. We helped 10,000 users adopt DevOps tools in just 12 weeks, reduced touch time on change requests from 40 hours to 15 minutes and reduced cycle time from 90 days to just 15. In one business unit alone, 4,500 hours per year were saved, reducing rework on change requests by 23%.


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