Collaboration and communication improves with Atlassian instance consolidation

Zoopla is a UK property website and app that attracts over 40 million visitors per month. Over the years, the company has grown to be on of the biggest websites in the UK, enabling them to grow rapidly through numerous acquisitions.

Whilst acquiring these digital companies such as, PSG, Alto, Jupix and Movelt, a challenge came about. All these companies had in-house software development teams, who used Atlassian tools to enable their Agile way of working, so Zoopla needed to migrate all licenses to the one instance they had been using.

The situation

Zoopla wanted the benefits of bringing these additional teams into the fold without impacting productivity, as multiple instances of Jira and Confluence were hindering collaboration, making it harder to augment with the teams from the new acquisitions. Further problems included duplicated operational, license and maintenance costs.

The solution

Zoopla had previously worked with Catapult CX and reached out for advice. Catapult CX reviewed all Jira and Confluence instances across the organisations and devised a plan to migrate the companies into the strategic Zoopla Atlassian cloud account.

Using their proven approach and automation tools, Catapult CX merged the companies and their associated data one-by-one, in a series of phased migrations. Zoopla's license requirements were also reviewed, which resulted in them being moved onto one single cloud subscription.

The results

The phased approach reduced risk and minimised the impact on users and the day-to-day running of the business. Each team were able to login to the strategic instance the next morning, see their stories and carry on working.

The teams in the migrated organisations were now able to plan and collaborate together and manage dependencies with their existing teams, which increased velocity.

The reduced management overhead and licence consolidation led to a cost saving of £54k.


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