Agile at Scale

Align IT to the business with an agile at scale operating model, and see Time to Value reduce by 75% and costs by 30% 

The Challenges

A FTSE-top-25 organisation, operating in 170 countries with more than 85,000 staff, were facing increasing competition through deregulation of the UK telecoms industry and increased business complexity, while transforming from a traditional telco to a leading provider of converged networked services. Consequently levels of customer dissatisfaction were high, in order to improve the customer experience the telco decided to become number one for customer service with two measures of success:

  • Right First Time (RFT) - fulfilling or exceeding the customer's expectations perfectly as perceived by the customer
  • Cycle time (CT) - the elapsed time between the start and end of any customer experience within or across its core processes

The Solution

The organisation need to reengineer its concept to market (C2M) process and move from waterfall to Agile delivery to benefit from the efficiencies, quality and speed that an agile method brings. They decided to partner with Code Red, not only on the basis of our expertise in Agile Methodology, but also for our deep knowledge and experience in software engineering and delivery. Taking Continuous Delivery (CD) as the starting point the team defined the end to end process, ensuring it adhered to the principles of the Agile Manifesto but could also scale to the size and complexity dictated by the organisation. With the organisations existing Agile Coaches Code Red introduced the following concepts to support the e2e process:

  • Customer engagement - early and often, usually through Hot Houses
  • Story hierarchy and decomposition
  • Continuous Prioritisation
  • Estimation
  • Fast feedback loops
  • Re-use
  • Scheduling

Code Red worked with the telco to underpin the process with a technology platform including:

  • A centralised code repository
  • A centralised artefact repository
  • Continuous Integration
  • A story management tool
  • Management reporting

The Results

The telco 'reduced unit costs by 31% through a quality delivery process', whilst there were parallel transformation initiatives (e.g. virtualisation) the implementation of the Scaled Agile model made a significant contribution to the efficiencies.

Increases to RFT were delivered through improvements to service quality and a focus on improving the quality of products. The organisation's ability to shape and understand customer requirements improved significantly through frequent collaboration and the use of hot houses which reduced time to market by 75%. The use of hot houses were instrumental in ensuring that products met Customer needs and delivered the expected value to the organisation.'s approach to agile implementation creates lasting change that drives value for customers for years to come. We can work with you to achieve the same. To talk about how contact us.