ITSM with Atlassian

Streamline work processes and improve workflow




Reduce your operational overhead costs

Reduce your operational overhead costs


Improve MTTR

Improve MTTR

Combine Atlassian products, including Jira Service Desk, Statuspage and Confluence, with Lean and agile principles to help your IT teams improve team collaboration and increase knowledge sharing.

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    Jira Software

    Core ITSM processes out of the box

    Jira Service Desk comes with incident, problem and change management ready to go with minimal configuration so your service desk could be up and running in minutes. Integration into your software engineering backlogs reduces friction between teams, allowing them to swarm on incidents and reduce resolution times.

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    Self-service customer portal

    Your agents can document knowledge articles, known errors and FAQs via the user-friendly portal, enabling users to solve their issues, while reducing the cost of service and improving customer satisfaction.

  3. 3

    Automate repetitive tasks

    Free up your teams to enable increased levels of self-service for your customers by reducing the number of manual repeatable tasks and creating automated approvals and service requests.

  4. 4

    Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

    Insight, the Jira add-on, models all assets within your organisation, helping to know what there is, who is using it and what configuration is being used. .

  5. 5

    Monitor service level agreements (SLAs)

    Monitor performance against your service delivery metrics and customer commitments. Keep on top of work queues and create SLAs and customised metrics for each client with Jira Service Desk's easily configurable SLA capability and smart dashboard.

  6. 5

    Always keep your customers informed

    Provide customers with a single Statuspage, displaying the status of your services and information about any incidents, downtime or scheduled maintenance. Statuspage is hosted outside your infrastructure, so it is always available, even during an outage.


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