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Be Agile.

The nitty gritty

To be fast and agile, there are four traits that your organisation needs:

1. Value based prioritisation

2. Small teams built around products

3. An engaging working environment

4. Outside in focus

If you don't recognise any of these attributes, something needs to change...your organisation's culture. To truly change, a shift in mindset is essential to establish a new way of working.

And this means you too.

To succeed you must move from a bureaucratic organisation to a performance orientated one, which creates the right environment where innovation can thrive and your workforce’s psychological safety is preserved, helping to boost productivity.

Our Agile at the Top coaching helps you implement the characteristics of successful agile organisations and pulls the focus back onto your customer to deliver an exceptional experience.


Agile at the Top - Immersive Coaching for Leaders

Held at an amazing location, our one day coaching session includes:

  • The importance of value in agile, communicating this across the organisation

  • The Product Management approach

  • Driving the right conversations

  • Devolving decisions

  • Best and worst cases

  • Metrics for success

  • Tools for becoming an industry voice

  • The dangers of Legacy thinking

  • Accelerating change and innovation

So, what will you get out of it?

Knowledge of concepts and terminology 

A new found perspective 

Improved flexibility and openness 

Understanding of psychological safety and productivity 

Information on what best of class looks like and how to compete 

A chance to realise on the promise of fast-paced tech and new ways of working, 

and... will have the knowledge and critical ability to decide the most appropriate ways to create an agile organisation around your values; don’t take the word of various consultancies offering one-size-fits-all scaling methodologies.

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