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What is Enterprise ADOC?

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Catapult CX has teamed up with the DevOps Institute to deliver their Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) to our clients.

  • Crowdsourced from 40 DevOps thought leaders

  • Cost effective pay per use model

  • Vendor-agnostic


Most organisations find it hard to organise teams around value streams. ADOC gives you all the data you need to gain total visibility into your current DevOps state. Then we help you analyse the data and align your strategy to ensure you're investing your DevOps budget, time and effort in the right way. 

The result is happier, more productive teams, who bring higher quality products to market faster.


Benefits of ADOC

An ADOC DevOps Capabilities Assessment with the Catapult CX team will enable you to

Access, understand and compare key capabilities across all enterprise teams

Identify goals and landmarks

Create a targeted roadmap to success

Make the right decisions with data driven insights and metrics

Know where to focus your time, energy and budget

Scale DevOps at speed

Achieve continuous improvement

Improve customer experience (CX)

Why do you need ADOC?

  • Benchmark human-led change to gain buy-in and keep people on track

  • Uplift teams' DevOps capabilities

  • Share knowledge across your entire organisation

  • Implement ADOC at any point to improve quality, productivity and CX

  • Align teams to the same vision, even during change, like M&A 

  • Transition from a project to product-led approach

  • Put people over process and technology

  • Ensure psychological safety

  • Happier, more productive teams means faster, quality output and delighted customers

  • Meet continuously changing regulatory, governance and risk requirements


How does ADOC WORK?

The Assessment of DevOps Capabilities is a comprehensive, five-dimensional model that uses the Likert scale and heat maps to give you deep insights into all your DevOps capabilities. It provides organisational health and sustainability with human happiness at its core.


Human aspects

Culture, psychological safety, dynamic learning, transformational leadership, The Three Ways, happiness, diversity, inclusion.


Process and frameworks

Agile, lean, ITSM, GRC, value stream mapping, project to product, SRE, DevSecOps, design and systems thinking, holacracy, humanocracy.


Functional composition

Collaboration, portfolio/product management, change, architecture, build, test, release, operate and support.


Intelligent automation

Artifact/source control, CICD, environment management, continuous compliance, observability, AIOps and value stream management.


Technology ecosystems

Elastic infrastructure, containers, microservices, APIs, serverless, DevOps toolchains, open and inner source and secrets management.


Why Catapult CX?

  • Catapult CX is the only ADOC consulting partner based in the UK. We have a wealth of experience in global markets in both the public and private sectors.

  • We are not just consultants, our team are first and foremost software developers with depth and breadth of knowledge and experience from the keyboard to the boardroom.

  • In addition to all the tests run by the DevOps Institute, we have already tested ADOC both internally and with some of our clients, with great results.

  • Our experts are highly experienced in DevOps assessment, coaching senior leaders, facilitating cultural change and a taking a hands-on approach to delivering full-scale DevOps Transformation programmes.



If you want to know where you are in your DevOps journey, where you want to go next and how you can get there, book an appointment with Catapult CX’s DevOps Institute Ambassador, Louise Cermak.

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