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What we do

We maximise your software and service delivery capabilities to delight your customers and grow your business.
Then we share our knowledge to empower your people to do the same.

“The key to creating successful solutions for clients is our culture of fun, continuous learning, freedom to experiment, autonomy and empowerment.”

Louise Cermak, Principal Consultant


Vision & mission

Our vision is that the right software and ways of working can elevate any good organisation to operate like the tech giants and achieve customer loyalty, global reach and greatness.

Our mission is to work alongside our clients’ teams to help them get the greatest business value from their technology and design and build outstanding services that delight their customers.

Our values

Put people first

Respect, equality, diversity, inclusivity


Agility, productivity and a shared vision

Embed quality

Passion, integrity, the right solution and price

Be free

Autonomy and empowerment to innovate and learn

Get results

Put the client and their customers first

Have fun

Teams that laugh hard, work better

Our story

Forged from friendship, built on expertise and knowledge, grown with client-centric partnership, quality and trust.

Catapult CX's three founders, Alex Fishlock, Louise Cermak and Craig Cook have been friends and colleagues for over 20 years.  We first worked together at a major Telco creating a pioneering tools platform for 10k+ developers. Mutual respect and a similar work ethic saw us initially creating a company that helped businesses recover IT projects in jeopardy, due to overly complex, monolithic and inefficient systems. We realised that with our innovative software engineering capabilities and agile and DevOps consultancy skills, rather than rescuing IT organisations in crisis, we can help them implement better ways of working to eliminate these challenges and create better quality software, faster. So, we created Catapult CX.

Now we help clients in the public and private sectors transform through accelerated cloud adoption, fostering a collaborative culture and taking a Site Reliability Engineering approach to designing and building digital services.  Within the next 5 years we would like to grow the company to 30-40 people with a highly flexible workforce who share our values; extend our capabilities in newer tech like AI/ML; and expand into the USA.

Catapult CX’s founders


Alex Fishlock, CEO

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I have over 25 years experience in all aspects of software delivery and troubleshooting. I’ve held many executive management positions, but my passion for technology prevails - I'm very hands-on and I love to tinker with code.

I graduated with an M.A. in Electronic and Materials Engineering from the University of Oxford, sparking a lifelong passion. I’ve taken two start-ups to IPO, been CTO for a few public companies, and founded first Code Red, to resolve clients’ IT crises, and now Catapult CX to prevent those crises occurring.

Outside of work I love uncovering the history of old houses, restoring them and bringing them to modern life with high tech. I also love to geek out collecting and recording big data about everything in my home.


+44 203 773 0553


Louise Cermak, Principal Consultant

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My passion is implementing Agile and DevOps ways of working to deliver quality software engineering and ITSM projects. I’ve also developed my technical and engineering skills over the years. This enables me to assist with system design and uncover insights into how our clients’ (and our own) technologists work, to help them continuously improve.

Through coaching I am always improving my own leadership skills. I'm also a DevOps Institute Ambassador. This combination of agile, engineering and tech means I see the full picture from a client perspective. For me, the most exhilarating thing is helping clients’ teams move away from a culture of fearing failure, to one of innovation.

When I'm not working I enjoy going to art exhibitions, city breaks and skiing.


+44 203 773 0553


Craig Cook, Principal Engineer

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I love writing code! I help companies build teams, to create software, to makes businesses fly. I love to learn, work with great people and foster young talent.

Over 18 years I've learnt that engineering can't happen in a vacuum and understanding people is key to success. I love automation and how just a few engineers can achieve big things through code. I've held senior engineering roles in the public and private sectors, optimising value in engineering teams, delivering global services, leading engineering communities and embedding modern ways of working like agile, DevOps and SRE.

In my spare time I like to travel with my wife, learning about other cultures, history and especially food! I love movies and binge watching shows, golf, tennis and snowboarding.


+44 203 773 0553


Inclusivity & equal opportunity

We work hard and continuously to cultivate a working environment that is inclusive, diverse and founded on a bedrock of psychological safety, so people can truly be themselves at Catapult CX when at work and when socialising together.



We were delighted to win the DevOps Excellence Awards 2021 Best Use of Microservices and Containers award for our digitalisation of the UK Ship Registry for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. We also won 2nd place in the Best Public Sector IT Project category at both the BCS UK IT and DTLA Awards 2020 for creating this digital service. It is also an honour to be recognised by SME as their best DevOps and Agile consultancy of the year and by CIO as one of their top Atlassian Partners.


Social responsibility

Logo of UK Government Kickstart scheme.

Kickstart Scheme

Catapult CX is part of the UK governments Kickstart Scheme, which provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit, who are at risk of long term unemployment. We are delighted to be able to upskill these young people and open up new opportunities for their future and also honoured to benefit from their innovation and enthusiasm.

Catapult CX Ltd. is registered in the UK

Company number 11381539

VAT number GB297305085